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You know your business. We know digital design & marketing.

Lets unlock your business growth together

Ingot Explore is a half day immersive digital education workshop for businesses wanting to grow.

Ingot Explore is for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers with a desire to grow, learn and succeed in today’s digital economy. 

We’ll unpack what tools are needed to strengthen your business in the current digital marketing landscape.

Who's the educator?

Dan Webster is the Creative Director and Brand strategist of Ingot Creative. Dan loves helping educate business owners about the digital landscape. He is also obsessed with coffee.

What will I learn?

The topics we will explore in the workshop

Brand Articulation

Learn how to describe and explain your brand so that designers, illustrators, photographers and marketers can create logos, websites, design assets and write digital marketing content with your brand voice.

Customer Profiling

We will walk through the process of creating customer profiles so that all future digital marketing efforts are targeted and effective.

Technology & Efficiency

We map out your team workflow and look at new platforms and tools that make tasks as painless and efficient as possible. We also look at the customer journey and find ways to make the onboarding process delightful and frictionless.

Creative Strategy

We explain and prioritize all of the primary digital marketing puzzle pieces: branding, website, search, contextual social media content and social media buying as they are relevant for you.

Ready to spend the morning with Dan?

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